How is your relationship with money?

The Love of Money

Do you always feel like you have enough money? Does it feel like you have more month than money? Do you have a love/hate relationship with money? How you feel about money will have a direct impact on the amount of money that you will earn. How much money have your made in your lifetime? […]

Do you see yourself as second best?


Belief is the biggest indicator of how successful you will be. If you fully believe you can achieve something you will. If you doubt that you can achieve something you will likely fail. One of the most common ways that I see my clients, and even myself, allow our beliefs to stand in our way […]

What do you need to change to be successful?


Is there something that you wish you could change about yourself to help you be more successful? Would you like to be more outgoing, more confident, more influential, or more likeable? Do you look at other people who are more successful than you are and wish you could be more like them? Do you feel […]

How do you stick to a 30 Day Challenge?

Day 1 Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I have committed to posting 30 new blog posts in the month of July.  This is EXTREMELY aggressive for me.  I have NEVER blogged that much even when I was actively blogging back in 2009.  I used to shoot for once a week, which was […]