Listening for the guidance

What does it mean to trust?  How do I begin to trust myself more consistently and more fully?  How do I release all of the doubts and worries?  How do I release the resistance?

As I ponder these questions, I notice that I instinctively deepen my breath. I can almost sense the releasing as I release my breath. The relaxed sensation is located in my heart chakra. 

It is a slowing down; a slowing of breath, of thought, and of movement.  It is a realization that right now, in this moment, all of my needs are met. 

I am enjoying the quiet and the peace. I am appreciating all that is right in my world, all that is right in my body, and all of the possibilities that are in front of me. 

I’m not sure what the future will hold or exactly where I might end up. My only plan is to keep listening for the guidance. To pay attention to when I feel inspired and when I feel like I “should” be doing something because of some external expectation. 

It is funny to realize that I have been afraid to let my inspiration guide me for so long. I was just noticing this morning that I still cling to maintaining a minimum number of hours at my job because my brain still can’t figure out how else I might bring in enough money to cover our monthly expenses. 

I don’t know yet what that might look like. I have a hard time trusting that I will be led to a more enjoyable, easier way to manifest  the abundance I desire. I still have a belief that I need to spend time doing things I don’t enjoy and I need to work hard to deserve the money I need. 

So today I am focusing on releasing these beliefs that don’t serve me. I am opening myself and my heart to allowing the inspiration to guide me to a better, more fun, easier, more lucrative way of being. 

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