I Wasn’t Ready…

OopsWell this is embarrassing! I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up yet.

You know how it feels when you underestimate how long it would take you to get ready and someone shows up while you’re still in the shower?

Well that is how this feels.

I have been doing a little bit of revamping of my website. Not a “start from scratch, completely redo everything and then do a big, public unveiling of my newly branded website” revamping. More of a “It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve changed my website and I’ve taken a slightly different path than I expected, I better tweak this a little” revamping.

I’m glad you’re here though! While you wait for me to finish making myself presentable again, maybe you want to head over to my new Facebook group. I’m currently calling it More Than Enough and would love to have you join the conversation over there!  Click here to join!

Can’t wait to catch up!