Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst?

Is this something that you’ve heard before?

I can definitely remember people advising me to Hope for the Best, but Expect the Worst in life.  And this is definitely a philosophy that I believed in for a large portion of my life.  I know the people who taught me this meant well.  The theory behind this is to help you to be prepared for when bad things happen so that you aren’t taken by surprise or disappointed.

There is a current situation in my family that has really brought this topic up for me this weekend.  A situation that has robbed me of some of my much needed and desperately longed for sleep.  I’m not going to go into details because it is not my story to tell, but let’s just say it is never good news when you wake up to a phone call in the middle of the night.

This situation has really helped me to see how much I have shifted on this topic.  I now realize this is exactly the wrong way to approach life.

It makes no sense to Expect the Worst in life!

What do you really accomplish by letting yourself contemplate all of the worst case scenarios?  You are wasting time envisioning future events that turn out badly, causing yourself unnecessary stress and worry.  Your brain is great a imagining all types of horrible, heart wrenching possible outcomes that are more often than not, worse than what will actually take place.  You get yourself all worked up about things that will likely not even happen.

Marie Forleo’s Living in the Moment Booty Camp taught me how important it is to prevent your brain from going there and forcing yourself to stay focused on the here and now.  Any time your brain wonders to past events or future events it is just making up stories.  It is mere fiction.  The only thing that is real is this present moment.  The only thing that matters is what is happening right now, this very minute.

What can you do right now to feel better?

So if thinking about what might happen at some later date isn’t going to help, then what will?

My new philosophy is this…

Hope for the Best, Expect the Best, and if something happens that seems less than ideal, expect that something great will come from it!

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