The 10 Things You Need To Know to Create Your Ideal Business Part 9

The ninth thing that you need to know to Create Your Ideal Business is:

What help do you need?

Being a solopreneur, does not mean that you need to do everything yourself.

Your time is best spent focusing on the things that are your Natural Talents and Gifts; the things that only you can do, that you enjoy doing, that you do really well.

There are affordable options for pretty much everything you might want help with.  There are websites like fiverr or elance or taskrabbit where you can hire people for all types of things.  Another option is to place an ad in Craigslist.


Would you love to have a:

* house cleaner

* personal chef

* nanny

* personal shopper

* web developer

* marketing specialist

* video editor

* copy writer/editor

* bookkeeper

* landscaper


As you think about your current challenges and the things that you don’t enjoy doing,  what other help would you love to have?


How clear are you on the areas where you need help, on a scale of 1 to 10?

1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9              10


I would love to hear if there is anything that you added to your list!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great resources! Really appreciated.
    Have a great day!

  2. Here’s my wish list –
    a house cleaner – I had dragging that vacuum out
    my personal chef – maybe I’ve eat better and healthier
    marketing specialist – I have a lot to learn about marketing.
    video editor – video is probably my least favorite task, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it so it’s not so intimidating any more.
    A while back I would have said a personal shopper – but now I do so much online and I love browsing from home so that’s no longer on the wish list.
    Erica from

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