The 10 Things You Need To Know To Create Your Ideal Business Part 2

Yesterday we discussed the first thing that you need to know to Create Your Ideal Business.  The second thing you need to know to Create Your Ideal Business is: What are your natural gifts and talents? I promise you that you already have natural gifts and talents!  Everyone does! Sometimes it can be difficult to […]

The 10 Things You Need To Know To Create Your Ideal Business Part 1

Ideal Business

The first thing that you need to know as you start on the journey to Create Your Ideal Business is:  What do you want to achieve? It is important to start with a clear vision of what you are hoping to accomplish or create.  What does success look like for you and how will you […]

Fun Friday 4

Another Fun Friday video!  This may be my favorite so far. I know it’s not Friday yet, but the posting schedule that I started with isn’t feeling fun anymore so I’m changing it up. And what better way to make this Ultimate Blog Challenge feel fun again than a Fun Friday Post!   I only […]

How to Bring Your Great Ideas to Life

Melissa Wright

Do you ever get a great idea that gets you all excited, but for some reason life seems to get in the way, and before you know it months have passed and you are still doing exactly what you were doing before the great idea? This has happened to me more times that I can […]

How is your relationship with money?

The Love of Money

Do you always feel like you have enough money? Does it feel like you have more month than money? Do you have a love/hate relationship with money? How you feel about money will have a direct impact on the amount of money that you will earn. How much money have your made in your lifetime? […]

Do you work on Weekends?

Day17 Ultimate Blog Challenge

One of the most important things for me in my business is finding that right balance between work time and family time.  That is why typically I don’t do any work on the weekends. I like to spend my weekends completely devoted to my family. I think that is part of why I have struggled […]

Fun Friday Week 3

Yea!  It’s Fun Friday again! I bet you won’t be able to help but smile while watching this video! When you smile to the world, the world smiles back! ~ I love that! My favorite reaction was the woman with the black jacket and red shirt who was trying not to smile but in the […]

Do you need to work harder for success?

Day 15 Ultimate Blog Challenge

Are you struggling to create a profitable business that will allow you the lifestyle that you dream of? Do you feel like you are working really hard but not getting any where? I know that you are busy and it feels like you need to keep doing what you’ve been doing.  You are probably even […]

Who should design your Website?

I realized that because I am currently participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge I have assumed that everyone reading these posts already has a Blog. If you don’t have a Website yet and would like to start one you may want to refer to the series I created about How to Start a Blog when […]

What is the Most Important Thing to Do Today?

So far in the Take Action Tuesday Series we have answered some questions to help you to identify some Inspired Actions to help you focus on the “right” actions and a To Do List System that can help you to reduce feeling overwhelmed. If you already have a To Do List system that you are […]