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If you’re like me, you have probably spent most of your life feeling like you were meant to do something big with your life, but weren’t really sure what that is or how to go about it.  You know that you would rather be your own boss, live life on your terms, and use your unique gifts and talents (even if you’re not quite sure what they are yet) in a way that makes a dramatic impact on the world.

My amazing family

My amazing family

You would love to:

  • Follow your intuition to find your purpose, make the best decisions in all aspects or your life, and realize your full potential.
  • Stop worrying about what you “SHOULD” do and start doing the things that feel right and actually lead to results.
  • Identify the people you are meant to serve and start easily attracting them to you and your business.


Here’s my story:

I have been on a quest to create a successful home-based business since 1996.

Most of the businesses that I have attempted were network marketing businesses because they always claimed that they had an easy system to follow that would allow anyone, regardless of their background, experience, or education to create massive wealth and financial freedom on their own terms.

I completely bought into the dream and believed that if only I worked hard enough and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone enough that I could be one of those success stories.

And even though I did work very hard, and push the boundaries of my comfort zone, I never was able to feel like I fit.

It always felt like I was (not very successfully) trying to be someone else, like I lacked the skills, personality and talent to reach the level of success that I wanted.

I did make some money, but I always ended up investing more money than I made reaching for those higher levels.

I kept pushing really hard, but didn’t seem to make much progress.

In the fall of 2009 I spent several thousand dollars and 6 months to learn how to use Social Media and Blogs to generate free leads through online marketing for the Direct Sales company I was working at the time.  And just as I started to see some results I got pregnant with my younger son Lincoln.  Unfortunately debilitating morning sickness kicked in for 4 months.

Just as I was starting to feel better my Mom passed away unexpectedly.  I completely withdrew from the outside world and the community that I had been creating.

I hardly worked at all.  I didn’t want negative emotions to affect the baby, so I put all of my energy into doing things that would make me feel happier like spending time with my family.  I read a lot of books to keep my mind occupied and listened to some recordings from coaching programs I had purchased.

I was completely shocked when tax time came and I realized that the year that I worked less than any other year in my life, was the first year that I earned a 6 figure income.

This led to me focusing more on what made me happy and finding the balance and fun time that I wanted for my family.

So as I started another network marketing company I paid a lot more attention to how I felt as I was working.

I still got sucked in to the enthusiasm and excitement at the events, but when I was back at home going through the motions, it felt hard and uncomfortable, and like I needed to sacrifice too much of my family time for some future success that I didn’t 100% believe would ever happen.

I struggled with deciding if the feelings I was having were just the hurdle that I needed to get over in order to finally have massive success, or if it was something inside of me trying to tell me that this wasn’t the right path for me.

It was during that time of uncertainty that I stumbled on the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA).

Applying what I learned from the QSCA helped me  finally approach my business my way and create my own system that is perfectly suited for my personality.  I have finally found my groove and it feels amazing!

I can’t wait to help you make your business work for you so you can’t stop working so hard and start having more fun!

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