A Brand New Start

   It is time!  Time to start doing things differently!  Time to start being more loving and supportive of myself. 
I have been so frustrated for the last year (probably even longer if I’m really being honest) with my body, my weight, my ability to find and stick to an exercise routine that makes me feel stronger without getting hurt. 

I have been beating myself up for not being able to stick to all of the super restrictive diets I have attempted over the last 15 years. I have gotten to the point where I am so sick of all of the foods that I “should” eat because I have allowed myself to take on the belief that SO MANY foods make me fat that there just aren’t many foods left on the “good” list!  

So today is the day that I take back my power!  Where I stop tearing myself down and seeing the worst in myself!  Today is the day that I recognize that I have been creating my body, how I feel about it, and how I feel in it. 

And I can change that right now starting in this moment!

Starting now I forgive myself for all of my past mistakes!  Starting right now I am grateful for all of the circumstances that have led me here to this moment!  Starting now I am grateful to my body for listening to all of the messages and signals I have been sending it, both consciously and unconsciously!  I am grateful to the messages and signals my body has been sending back!

I am ready to make the choice to send better messages to my body and to appreciate all of the amazing and perfectly imperfect aspects and features of my body. I am ready to start trusting myself and my body to communicate and work together to create the best and most enjoyable body possible!

I know I’m not physically “there” yet. That I don’t have an impressive before and after photo to prove that this approach will help you achieve the results you desire. Right now I only have a collection of before pictures, that until now, I never would have dreamed of sharing. 

 So this is me right now. This is the body that I have been hating and feeling ashamed of. This is the body that, starting today I am going to start loving and appreciating. This is the body that I am going to start working WITH instead of against! 

My heart tells me that this is the only way. 
Thank you body for being my vessel! For allowing me to carry two beautiful babies who add so much joy and happiness to my life! Thank you for allowing me to hug and kiss all of my favorite people! Thank you for allowing me to experience new places, taste delicious food, feel the warmth of the sun, and to hear and see all the beauty that the world has to offer!

Today I choose to see only your beauty and strength and with only gratitude and love I say THANK YOU!

If you are reading this and your heart is calling you to make the choice to start loving your body just as it is, please leave a comment below. Or even better connect with me on Facebook and send me a Private Message!  Let’s do this together!  Let’s help each other see our beauty and strength!

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